Introduction to Software Testing

Introduction to Software Testing course provides test engineers and test managers with essential ideas, processes, tools and skills needed to purse with a professional career in the field of software testing.

The course has also relevant content for other professionals in software development as it gives them insights into and understanding of the testing process and how it relates to development activities.

The course covers the following topics:

- Fundamentals of Testing

- Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle

- Static Techniques

- Test Design Techniques

- Test Management

- Tool Support for Testing

Session Plan

The course runs for three days. 

Please note that timings are approximate, depending on attendee interest and discussion.

Introduction (20 minutes, no exercise)

1.0 Fundamentals of testing

1.1 Why is testing necessary (20 minutes)

1.2 What is testing (30 minutes)

1.3 General testing principles (35 minutes)

1.4 Fundamental test process (35 minute)

1.5 Psychology of testing (25 minutes)

1.6 Code of Ethics (10 minutes)

2.0 Testing throughout the software life cycle

2.1 Software development models (20 minutes)

2.2 Test levels (40 minutes)

2.3 Test types (40 minutes)

2.4 Maintenance testing (15 minutes)

3.0 Static techniques

3.1 Static Techniques and the test process (15 minutes)

3.2 Review process (25 minutes)

3.3 Static analysis by tools (20 minutes)

4.0 Test Design Techniques

4.1 Test Development Process (15 minutes)

4.2 Categories of test design techniques (15 minutes)

4.3 Specification-based or black-box techniques (150 minutes)

4.4 Structure-based or white-box techniques (60 minutes)

4.5 Experience-based techniques (30 minutes)

4.6 Choosing test techniques (15 minutes)

5.0 Test management

5.1 Test organization (30 minutes)

5.2 Test planning and estimation (40 minutes)

5.3 Test progress monitoring and control (20 minutes)

5.4 Configuration management (10 minutes)

5.5 Risk and testing (30 minutes)

5.6 Incident management (40 minutes)

6.0 Tool support for testing

6.1 Types of test tools (45 minutes)

6.2 Effective use of tools: potential benefits and risks (20 minutes)

6.3 Introducing a tool into an organization (15 minutes)

Who should attend the course

Software Testing Foundation is suitable if you have recently started or are about to start working with software testing, for example as a tester, test manager or test developer. The course is also suitable for experienced test professionals wishing to gain certifications on advanced or expert level. It is also suitable if you wish to gain a basic understanding of your role as a project manager, development manager or quality assurance responsible.


No particular previous knowledge is needed. However, previous experience of testing or developing can make it easier to relate the course content to actual working situations.


- Improve internal course

- Course material is not accredited and no exam is arranged